What’s an autodidact?

A self-taught person.

Are you autodidact?

No, not really. But I am trying to self-teach myself a few things.

How is this newsletter different from an email from you?

I’m not sure yet, that’s the first thing I’m trying to learn. A few more embedded links, a slightly different tone, a more general audience. But hopefully it’s not all that different, really.

What can I expect to read?

I once joked my newsletter would consist solely of a link to this horoscope column, once a month, as soon as it’s published. So, that, and then more links and articles I find bouncing around the internet; and thoughts and words bouncing around my head.

Why should I subscribe?

If you want to hear me ramble on about what I’m learning, reading, doing, etc. every once in a while.

Should I subscribe even if I don’t know you personally?

I mean… I guess, if you want to. Might be a bit awkward for us both at first but I think we can get over that.

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just trying to learn a few things


a self-learner trying to self-teach